Angel Unraveled

Angel Unraveled

Book One of The Watcher Series

Psychic Andi Andreas is sick of seeing ghosts and reading futures. So when a sexy Tucker Calhoun falls, battered and bloodied, into her arms, Andi jumps at the chance to use her talents for more than just tarot cards. She and Tucker investigate a gang selling a new kind of drug. But her thrill turns to panic when they discover this drug temporarily turns users into vampires.

Worse, a sassy she-demon in strappy sandals is threatening to unleash the drug as a virus—contaminating the world and converting the human race into monsters. As Andi struggles to stop the demon, she unlocks a secret from her past and awakens new abilities. But will Andi’s new powers be enough to save the world?

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Angel Unraveled

Angel Unprepared

Book Two of The Watcher Series
Someone is killing fae and it’s up to the newly assigned and completely untrained Watcher Andi Andreas to find the killer. But when a vampire kidnaps Andi’s best friend Macy, a Voodoo priestess warns Andi that her friend’s very soul is in jeopardy. Frightened for her friend’s future, Andi prepares for pursuit.

Unfortunately, the leader of the Watchers, Andi’s Great-Aunt Eleni, commands that she forego her friend and forage for the murderer in the Fairy realm. With no choice but to follow orders, Andi is knighted by the Fairy Queen and bound to a magical sword. Forced to trust the queen’s prophetess, a sexy succubus who hankers for a taste of her, Andi soon finds herself bouncing between realms and through time, chasing a killer.

As the case unfolds Andi uncovers a plot to set set free the unseelie host, an act that would surely mean the destruction of both the Fairy and Earth realms. Can Andi catch the murderer, stop the unseelie from being unleashed, and still save her friend’s soul?

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Angel Unraveled

Book Three of the Watcher Series

Andi Andreas’ plane is attacked over New York City on her way to a weekend-long vampire conference and her own Watcher swearing-in ceremony. Now she must uncover which of the monsters in her midst wants her dead. A task that is made more perilous when the Warden of the Watchers orders Andi to infiltrate and root out the dark forces that are hiding within their Watcher population. These dark nephilim are so dangerous that even Andi’s new guardian archangel, Uriel, refuses to tell her much about them due for fear that this knowledge will negatively impact the outcome of her mission.

But when Macy, Joy and other members of her team get caught in the evil web of the weekend’s events, will Andi be able to keep to her mission, even if it may cost her friend’s lives?

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