C Is For Cottingley Fairies

“When a new baby laughs for the first time a new fairy is born, and as there are always new babies there are always new fairies.”  Wendy from Peter Pan


On a walk through a meadow, with bugs buzzing in your ears and the sun setting through the trees, have you ever caught a glimpse of a face peering out from the leaves?  Have you ever felt dozens of eyes upon your back, only to turn and find no one there?  

Or maybe just no one you could see.


That is the allure of the fairy.  It has inspired people all over the world and for many generations to tell stories of nature sprites and tiny winged creatures.


And on one hot summer day, it inspired two adolescent girls to make some mischief.  Unfortunately for them, the need to believe in fairies was so strong that their mischief was taken as truth.  A controversy that lasted decades was born.


In 1917, two cousins, Elsie Wright (16) and Frances Griffith (10), were in trouble for playing in the stream in their back yard.  In wet and muddy dresses, the girls replied that they only went to the stream to play with the fairies.  To prove it, Elsie borrowed her father’s camera and the next day they caught their new winged friends on film.  Elsie’s father dismissed it as a prank, but her mother was amazed.  


B is for Bigfoot Books & Booty

For those who are fans of bigfoot (and let's face it, who isn't?), today's post will make you happy.  So feast your eyes on these babies, my sasquach-loving shoppers:




Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir 

by Graham Roumieu


Description from Amazon:

Like many reclusive celebrities, Big Foot is misunderstood. In his touching memoir Me Write Book he wants to set the record straight, proving that although he’s larger, hairier, and more foul-smelling than most of us, he’s really not so different underneath.

 Only the most coldhearted among us could look on without compassion as this hirsute Everyman struggles bravely with casual cannibalism, Pringles potato crisps, embarrassing moments with peach Schnapps, the desperate loneliness of personal ads, and philosophical quandaries.
Readers will never forget the plaintive voice from the wilderness that howls from every page of this searing, intimate account of a man-beast in the promised land.



And because one was not enough, we present to you the sequel:



April A to Z Para-Geek-Fest

Get Ready for an A-Z Para-GeekFest!  (And no, this isn't an April Fools joke!) This month I’m participating in the Blogging From A-Z Challenge.  If you haven’t guessed, today is A.  For the next month this blog will be serving up a daily dose of the paranormal, the fantastical and anything para-geeky.   So let's…


Lessons Grimm could learn from Supernatural

I have to admit, I really love the Friday night line up of paranormal genre shows.  I’ve been a long time Supernatural fan and have found the new fairy tale series, called Grimm, really enjoyable.  Although it is more of a procedural than the action adventure of Supernatural, Grimm has a lot of the same elements.  With a few tweaks, I think it could harness a lot of the Supernatural fans.

For those of you who haven’t seen Grimm yet, it’s about Nick, a guy who inherits the power of a grimm.  With that power, he’s able to see monsters who are disquised as humans, lurking amongst us.  He inherited this ability from his aunt, but currently has little understanding of what it means to means to be a grimm.  His only clues are in the trailer that his aunt left him after her death.  Within the trailer are books and weapons that help him hunt the monsters.


Why Vampires Make Bad Husbands – part 2

Although the media has been predicting the demise of vampire fandom for years now, the fascination continues.  And what's not to love?  Who wouldn't want a sexy, mysterious man/woman who nibbles on your neck and could help you live forever?

But as I wrote in an earlier post—Vampires are for fun, NOT marriage.  So if you are expecting to marry your sparkling knight-in-shining-armor and have your child romantically gnawed out of your belly like a certain celebrity vampire couple we know, then think again.  

Here are a few of the realities of marrying your fanged flame: