G is for Geeks

Since I already did a post on Grimm, I decided to use my "G" day to give a nod to my fellow geeks & nerds.  Here are some fantastic blogs that will make you happy.

Geeky Daddy


From his bio:  I am a very eclectic reader. You'll find crime, fantasy, non-fiction, sci-fi, contemporary fiction in my repertoire at any given time. Do not expect anything normal from my little corner of the web. 

I have been reading as long as I can remember and love to talk about books, technology and anything else that is going through my head. Expect book related posts to be here in my little corner of the web. I'm also an aspiring writerI hope that you do enjoy my thoughts.


Geeky Tendencies


Run by Jeremy, a self-proclaimed scifi/fantasy fantatic who enjoys reading, gaming and watching tv & movies, the site features geeky commentary about all of the above.



E is for Esteban’s Advice Column


I have a rather vain character who is, unsurprisingly, a vampire.  His name is Esteban and he had his own Twitter account and Vampire Esteban blog.  The blog was a vampire advice column for all the supernatural creatures in his territory.  Unfortunately, the internet gremlins ate the database on his blog and all his wonderful advice went poof!


Below is one of the advice column posts that I was able to resurrect.  His advice columns always included Lyla, his new and unimpressed assistant.