Lyla: Since this is a new year, I think we should start up our old advice column again.

Esteban: A New Year’s resolution? I didn’t realize you were so…traditional.

Lyla: No. I just think it would give you something to focus on that doesn’t involve female nephilim. You attract far too many of those troublemakers. If you want to call it a resolution, I suppose you could.

Esteban: New Year’s resolutions lack inventiveness. They are for plebeians.

Lyla: Jeez, you are grumpy today. Why do I always need a dictionary around you? Wait a minute! Are you implying that I’m unoriginal?

Esteban: I didn’t imply anything.

Lyla: (pause) Well, I still think the advice column is a good idea.

Esteban: I would never stand between you and a good idea.

Lyla: Why do I always feel like you are mocking me?

Esteban: Perhaps you are astute?

Lyla: I’ll astute you if you don’t stop using those dictionary words. I’ll check out our old email box and see if anyone has any problems they’ve sent us.

Esteban: Bueno. I’m in the mood for precipitating problems.

Lyla: What the hell does rain have to do with it?

Esteban: I’m surrounded by cretins.

Lyla: One of these days I’m going to look up your words and beat you with them.

Esteban: That would be refreshing.

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