If you are into any aspect of paranormal, then get your butt down to the Denver Comic Con this weekend!  

I'm not kidding!

Not only will I be hosting a fabulous UF/Paranormal panel that features amazing authors such as Jeanne Stein, Mario Acevedo, Lynda Hillburn and J.A. Kazimer, but there will also be a gaggle of paranormal movie, television and comic/animation stars.  

Wondering who?

Let's take a look…

For those old school Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans, we have James Marsters who played the white-haired, bad-ass-turned-good-guy Spike.

The Walking Dead fans can check out the latest cast member played by Lauren Cohan and chat with the ever adorable Chandler Riggs who plays Carl.

True Blood actress, Kristen Bauer who plays Pam, the sexy co-owner of Fangtasia.

Comic book authors and artists of iZombie, Angel & Faith, The Coffin, Motel Hell, Shaun of the Dead, Cry for Dawn and much more.

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