Nathan Fillion may have been dubbed “Geek God” by Entertainment Weekly, but in this post I want to pay tribute to another god in the Geek pantheon: Zachary Levi, Master of Nerds.

Who is this powerful patriarch of the nerd community?  

He first broke into our collective consciousness through the television show Less Than Perfect, but turned our nerdy hearts to goo as star of Chuck.  Chuck appealed to nerds of all ages.  It had action.  It had geeky references to nerd culture.  It had the Intersect. 

And if being a nerd with a computer in his head recruited by the CIA to fight evil villains wasn’t enough to make nerds of the world bow to this man’s nerdiliciousness, Levi blew out all the stops and created The Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ.

The Nerd Machine is a wondrous online community for and about nerds.  It celebrates being a nerd and calls for us nerd-types to stand up and be proud.   “Really, everybody is a nerd,” Levi told PEOPLE magazine. “I think a nerd is someone who’s passionate about something. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd.”  The fantastic "Nerd" t-shirts (that you can buy on the site) say it all.  

Each year The Nerd Machine festivities culminate in an event that runs concurrently with the San Diego Comic Con—Nerd HQ.  Think of Nerd HQ as a mini Comic Con complete with video games, fun-filled activities, trivia and a herd of celebrities from your favorite nerdy tv shows, movies and comics.

So if you don’t have tickets to Comic Con, come to San Diego for Nerd HQ.  It is well worth the price of airfare.  I should know, I did it last year.  I’ve already planned my trip for this year and intend to keep attending every year as a sacred pilgrimage.  Paying homage to the Nerd Master. 


THIS JUST IN! Zach on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show:

2 thoughts on “N is for Zachary Levi…Nerd Master!

  1. I am not a nerd at all.  I am a hapless blogger without a clue ;-)  This is the first I have heard of this…  :-) lol…I should get out more. But it is a lovely post, and to answer your question, yes. He is a cutie.    Enjoy  your pilgramage to Nerd HQ ! 

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