Have you ever secretly wished that someone would come and fix your life?  Take away the problems?  Most of us have basic problems like bills, relationship struggles and health issues.  We don’t have abusers or stalkers or companies that have cheated us out of our life savings.  But if you did, then Repairman Jack would your guy.


Repairman Jack is a fix-it guy—but don’t call him for your household repairs.  If thugs are making your life a nightmare, he’ll come and make things right.  Your stalker will disappear.  The company that shafted you will go bankrupt.  He’ll get your life in working order, for a modest fee.


Jack’s career was launched as a teenager, the day his mother was murdered.  Jack hunted down the culprit and realized that there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest, let alone convict the man.  He had to make a choice.  Let his mother’s murderer go… a murderer who was poised to perpetrate the same act, without remorse or… he could fix it.


He fixed it.


Leaving his family behind, Jack moved to New York and went underground.  Up until this point, Jack’s story is a vigilante/crime novel.  But then Jack stumbles upon more than just your typical evil-doers.  He discovers that Earth has become a battle ground for supernatural beings.  


Fixing things just got way more complicated.


The Repairman Jack novels are written by F. Paul Wilson.

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