The other day I was tweeting with someone about the show Firefly.  Those of you who follow me know that I’m borderline obsessed with it (okay, maybe not borderline).  As that tweet revealed, I’m not alone in my passion.  Invariably, every time I tweet about the show, someone (or several someones) pops up and enthusiastically provides stats on their favorite episodes, characters and so forth.  


I am in awe of this.  I am in awe of Firefly and it’s fans.


Sometimes when I’m tweeting about Firefly, I get responses from people who haven’t watched the show—or watched it, but didn’t get it.  They tend to roll their eyes and tell me to get over it.  They say Firefly ended ten years ago… after being around for just one season.  It was a loser and a lost cause.  I should just let it go and move on with my life.


What they don’t realize is that it wasn’t just a season, it was a movement that led to a movie.  That movie led again to a movement.


The show connected with its fans at such a deep level, because it represents all of us.  Us geeks.  Us nerds.  Those of us who spent most of our life lost in the crowd.  We grew up with our unique voices muffled by the drab fabric of society.  So we relate to a Captain who put his entire being into a fight, a cause, that he did not win.  A leader who had been broken by a dream and was now just holding tightly to the ones he loved—keeping them safe from the unkind hands of society.  


Even the show itself represents us.  The show was a geek.  An outcast.  It was different and smart and filled with angst.  Because of that, it was mishandled by Fox and ignored by a public that fears entertainment that might actually make them think or feel.  


So Firefly became a uniting force for nerds and geeks everywhere.  It binds us together under our leader, Joss Whedon.  We meet in church basements and dying theaters to watch and remember the truths of the show.  We raise money for the causes that support those ideals.


All in the hope that one day… Firefly will rise again.


15 thoughts on “F is for Firefly’s Fantastic Fans

  1. It's actually kind of amazing.  I've only watched a few episodes of Firefly, but I keep intending to watch the rest because it was awesome.  But considering it was a show that lasted for, like, 14 episodes and a movie, it's amazing how much support it still has.  And how much support it's gained over the years since it ended.  Sometimes, the network really gets it wrong when they cancel a show (alright, often the network really gets it wrong).

    • Tamela



      The fandom grows every year.  It grew a lot this year because the Science channel started running the old episodes.  I don't have that channel, but I do have the DVD's.  So I have Firefly on tap. 


  2. Shiny!  I love Firefly too.  They don't make fun stuff like that any more.  I should rewatch those, I haven't in a while.  Great post!  Too true.  :)

    • Tamela

      This post has inspired me to have a marathon this weekend.  And there better not be any goram interruptions.  LOL!  #FireflyMeTime

  3. Ah man – this is next on my "must watch" list! I loved Serenity and am a huge Nathan Fillion fan…cannot wait to see these episodes. Thanks for the fantastic reminder! :)

    • Tamela

      I'm doing a marathon this weekend.  Watching "Bushwacked" right now.  



  4. NERD in the house! SO glad you posted on Firefly too! (My F post was Firefly based as well haha) It's the best show of all times!!

    • Tamela

      Big Nerd!  This blog is the house of nerd.  I'll be checking out your post right now, my fellow Browncoat.


  5. Never heard of the show, but love your enthusiasm for it!

    —Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012
    <a href="">Amlokiblogs</a>
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  6. Great choice! I blogged about<i> Firefly</i>, too. :) Best show of all time, IMO.

    • Tamela

      I just finished a marathon weekend. It was bliss… until it ended. *Sigh*

  7. I ve watched it so many times that I can recite most episodes of Firefly &the movie Serenity. Lol

    • Tamela

      I’m the same way! I have the Firefly theme song as my ringtone. lol. Ultimate geek!

  8. Oh I love love love love Firefly!  Anything really that has Joss Whedon involved and/or Nathan Fillion. Such a good show, beyond good actually.  Still makes me sad that they cancelled it, but at least we got the movie! I just watched all the eps two weeks ago…but I think I might have to watch them again this weekend! :)  

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