Get Ready for an A-Z Para-GeekFest!  (And no, this isn't an April Fools joke!)

This month I’m participating in the Blogging From A-Z Challenge.  If you haven’t guessed, today is A.  For the next month this blog will be serving up a daily dose of the paranormal, the fantastical and anything para-geeky.


So let's talk abou the paranormal aspects of the month of April.  


Did you know that April Fools day dates back to ancient times when people played tricks and set traps to capture ghosts, fairies and other paranormal creatures?  They would build elaborate structures that acted like giant paranormal mouse traps.  Often, they caught only other human beings and a good laugh was had by all.  


However, legend had it that when ghosts or other creatures were caught by the tricks, they would grant the trickster a wish.  So everyone worked hard to determine how to capture their local fairies in a fairy circle or drew pentagrams to capture witches and spirits.


And I believe that I should get a wish granted from you, if you believed that lovely legend.


Happy April Fools Day.


Get ready for B tomorrow…






3 thoughts on “April A to Z Para-Geek-Fest

  1. Did you make up that legend yourself? If so, I can tell you're a writer. Ha!
    I think it quite appropriate that the April challenge started on April Fool's Day. Of course, it wouldn't be any other way, could it?

  2. Hi Tamela!
    Glad to meet you through the April A to Z challenge.  I am very interested in the paranormal as it provides me with inspiration for my gamebooks.  I look forward to hearing more from you.
    Lloyd of Gamebooks –

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