So the book is finally out on Kindle and Nook and Smashwords.  

Here's a brief description:

Andi Andreas has been seeing ghosts and reading minds for the past five years and, frankly, she's sick of it.  So when Tucker Calhoun (her sexy new upstairs tenant) falls, battered and bloodied, into her arms, Andi is reluctant to get involved.  Then Tucker reveals that Andi's previous tenant didn't die accidently—it was murder.  And the murderer has placed a kill order out on Andi.  

Mystified by who would want her dead, Andi uses her powers to uncover a gang selling a new king of drug.  One that temporarily turns users into demon/vampire hybrids.  

The leader of this gang, a sassy she-demon in strappy sandals, is threatening to unleash the drug as a virus.  Converting humanity into monsters.  Worse, the demon has captured Tucker.  Can Andi's abilities help her save her new man… and the world?


Priced at just $.99

Check it out at Amazon:



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