Werewolves have a bad reputation.  Yes, on the night of a full moon they will feast on any human they come across.  Okay, so every relationship has its problems.  But let's look at the benefits of having a werewolf friend during the other 30 days of the month.

First, they are throw a mean barbecue.  They need a lot of meat to feed that ramped up metabolism so expect a rack of lamb or pig in the pit, not just a few burgers—think Hawaiian luau.

Second, they are big and brawny.  These are handy guys to have around the house.  Pickle jars will open to them.  Furniture is easily lifted and moved to other rooms.  Need to fix a flat tire?  With a werewolf friend, you don't even need a jack.

Third, werewolves are loyal.  If you are friend, then you are part of the pack.  They will defend you and, in some cases, even save you from other preternatural creatures, such as vampires.  

Forth, werewolves are hunters.  You loose anything, they can sniff it out for you.  Lost your keys, your car or your wife?  Your werewolf bud will prove invaluable.

Fifth, your werewolf friend is out.  It's not like they are trying to hide their wolf from you.  They've told you honestly about it and will work to keep you safe during the dangerous time.  This more than can be some for some people.  You may friend a human, only to discover that there is a monster lurking in their mind.  At least with your werewolf friend, you know what you are getting into.

So take a second look at our old friend the werewolf.  You'll have a howling good time.

One thought on “The Benefits of Befriending a Werewolf

  1. Yes, I'm a fan and a friend of the werewolf.  

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