I don't know about you, but I have demons.  They have infested my home, my body, my life.  I know that I have them because I put my keys down on the counter and later, they are gone.  The little house demons have taken them.  They also take the remote, my reading glasses and my phone.  Eventually, they return these items.  Usually, they put them in a place that I would never look—like the freezer.

A different group of demons prevent me from losing those last ten pounds.  They add calories to normally healthy food when my back is turned.  They also change the speed settings on my elliptical so that it feels like I'm going faster and working harder than I really am.  Periodically, they alter my clothes so they are much tighter than they should be.  Just as randomly, they let them out and I celebrate prematurely.  Eating coconut ice cream to show how much will-power I had.  Later, they tighten the clothes again. I swear I can hear them giggle as I struggle to button my jeans.

No ointment, sprays or powders get rid of these demons.  In fact, it often seems that the more I try to fight them, the more they multiply.  They sabotage my efforts to be more organized by increasing the amount of stuff I have.  I don't remember buying that, so how did I end up with three of them?  They cause leave crumbs on the kitchen counter and makeup in the bathroom sink.  What does a demon need with my mascara anyway?

I'd ask for your help getting rid of them, but I've heard that most people have these demons too.  One of these days… I'm going to outsmart them.

Or as my great uncle like to say, "just shoot 'em!"

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