Hi Gang!

Here is the potential cover for my upcoming novel.  It is a humorous urban fantasy about a reluctant psychic destined to prevent a sassy she-demon from unleashing a plague that would transform humanity into demon-vampire hybrids.

Do you like the top or the bottom?  ;-)

These are just drafts so please feel free to make suggestions in the comments.  Give the thumbs up, thumbs down or meh on each.


7 thoughts on “How do you like my cover?

  1. I like the title at the top of the book cover best. However, can you manipulate it so the title comes above your name. That would flow better.

  2. I like the title at the top as well. Striking cover either way.

  3. I'd be more inclined to pick up the first one, with the title on top.

  4. To be more specific, since you might not know what that means (hey, *I* knew!) – the top picture in the post. :-D

  5. Tamela


    Thanks everyone!  This is so helpful!  Keep them coming.  Any tweaks or changes you'd like to see?  I welcome all input!

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