Jul 152013

Did you know there weren't any paranormal/urban fantasy fan meetups at SDCC?  I checked.

So, call me crazy, but I'm arranging one.

If you are going to SDCC 2013? Take a break from all your panels to meet up with your fellow fans of the paranormal. This is for writers, fans, role players, ghost hunters etc. If para is your thing, then share a beer and some wings with those who understand.

When: Friday, July 19th  4pm – 6pm
For Where, please Click Here.

Did I mention there'll be PRIZES!!!  Well, one prize.  I happen to have an extra ticket I'll be raffling off see Joe Manganiello (Alcide on True Blood) at 5:30 pm that same Friday just down the street at Petco Park.  No convention badges required.  You will, however, have to sit next to me.  Sorry. 

If you'd like to attend, please RSVP so I know whether to try to reserve tables or if I should just drink at the bar and lament my lack of para friends.

Here's our event link: http://www.facebook.com/events/188939397942234/


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Jul 102013
NerdHQ Paranormal Conversations

Hey, all you Paranormal/UF nerds!  NerdHQ has five big paranormal guests for their Conversations for a Cause program.  Thrilled?!  Excited?  Don't know what NerdHQ is?  (What?! Seriously, where have you been for the last few Comic Cons?)  NerdHQ is a fantastic event put on by the King of the Nerds himself, Zachery Levi.  It is [...]

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Jul 072013
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Panels at Comic Con

This is a part two on my series for Urban Fantasy & Paranormal stuff at Comic Con.  Previously we covered movies/tv panels and meetups, both at and around the convention.  Today I bring you a collection of authors/writers/artists of paranormal/urban fantasy novels, comics and fan fiction.  Check out these fabulous panels: Thursday Paranormal Passion Panel [...]

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May 022013
The Importance of Soup

I almost burned my soup today.  "No! No! No! Noooo!" I yelled as I turned off the burner then moved the soup off the hot stove.  For a moment, I just stared at it with my hand in my hair, gripping my scalp. I don't normally behave this way about burned soup.  But today, if [...]

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Jun 122012
P is for Paranormal at Denver Comic Con

If you are into any aspect of paranormal, then get your butt down to the Denver Comic Con this weekend!   I'm not kidding! Not only will I be hosting a fabulous UF/Paranormal panel that features amazing authors such as Jeanne Stein, Mario Acevedo, Lynda Hillburn and J.A. Kazimer, but there will also be a [...]

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May 092012

Why this post?  It's not paranormal.  But… 1. I waited four years for this. 2. It's going to be a long summer. 3. I can't stop watching and the brilliant folks at CastleAlways have spliced together all the kissing scenes from all the seasons (yes, there were others).   Squee!  God Bless'em. Enjoy!   From [...]

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Apr 202012
N is for Zachary Levi...Nerd Master!

  Nathan Fillion may have been dubbed “Geek God” by Entertainment Weekly, but in this post I want to pay tribute to another god in the Geek pantheon: Zachary Levi, Master of Nerds. Who is this powerful patriarch of the nerd community?   He first broke into our collective consciousness through the television show Less [...]